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If This Is Not An Emergency... What Would An Emergency Look Like?

The Floral Reef Project was formed to increase awareness of the need for conservation and protection of pollinator habitat.

Imagine if you learned today that the food in nearby stores and restaurants is making people sick. It would be a local emergency: we would close-down businesses and research the problem and get to the bottom of it to protect people.

Well, that is essentially the situation with pollinators all across the United States (and around the world) due to heavy use of insecticides and herbicides which persist in the environment.

Except we have not declared an emergency.

We know that pollinators like bees and butterflies are being poisoned and killed. And we know that the products used on farms and sold in stores for household use are bad for the environment in general. Like, really bad. But whose problem is it? If everyone uses the products correctly and the toxins eventually wash away into groundwater and into the ocean -- and there is no direct link to cancer -- is it really a big enough issue to declare an emergency?

We can't just look away.

The Floral Reef Project aims to show that there is an ecosystem around flowering plants and trees which is critical to pollinators, and pollinators are critical to the food web and local ecosystems in general.

The "reef" of soil, plants, and animals is somewhat resilient, but it can't protect itself. Like a coral reef that supports a vibrant array of life, the fragile ecosystem of soil, plants, and animals -- the "floral reef" around us -- deserves protection.

The goal of the Floral Reef Project is to 1) encourage healthy habitat for pollinators, and 2) work to educate about important issues, and 3) reduce the use of harmful products and practices.

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